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Baracuda G2

Maximum Cleaning. Minimum Effort.

The G2 delivers maximum cleaning capability with low speed pumps.
Proven Zodiac® Advanced Hydrodynamic Design - Relax and enjoy the results of unmatched expertise in state of the art hydrodynamics.
Optimized Cleaning Performance - Quickly inhales small and large debris while thoroughly cleaning the bottom, walls and steps of your pool.
Pool Owner Friendly - Connects to your skimmer in minutes and comes pre-assembled in the box so all you need to do is simply attach the disc and hose. No tools or special plumbing is required.

  • Unique FlowGauge - Allows you to easily set the necessary amount of water flow for optimum cleaner performance.
  • Durable Hoses - Includes 12 one-meter hose sections (over 39 feet) covered under a one-year warranty.
  • Simple Diaphragm - The only operational part quickly and effectively cleans your pool. Simple maintenance allows you to remove and replace it in minutes right next to your pool.
  • Wheel Deflector - Makes certain the G2 moves around corners, ladders and steps without getting stuck for thorough pool coverage.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty - Covers manufacturing defects and wear and tear. Even the hoses are covered.